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Oct 16, 2020

Competition Play – ACUCC Guidelines

• Facility capacity is 50 persons maximum.

• All participants for an event/game are required to be on the TOL attendance form. The
home team
is responsible for completing the TOL attendance form and submitting
accordingly. Strongly recommended that the managers of the teams coordinate ahead
of time to speed up the check in process.

• All players are required to pass a health check questionnaire, visiting team manager to
confirm all players and team officials have cleared health check and are free of COVID
symptoms prior to entering facility.

• All players are required to wear a mask upon entering the ACUCC facility and while in
the dressing room preparing for a game. The mask may be removed just before
putting on helmet and entering the ice surface. At the conclusion of the game players
are required to wear a mask while undressing and leaving the ACUCC facility.

• For competition play, the breakdown of participants is as follows:
Home Team
17 players*
3 Coaches
1 Team Manager
2 Score Keepers
3 On-Ice Officials
1 Spare for League Manager
or AMHA Exec Member

Visiting Team
17 players*
3 Coaches
1 Team Manager

Total per event: 50

*We anticipate this being the maximum team roster size, most teams would be below this number. Should a team carry higher than 17 players a team manager or coach would have to step aside to allow for an additional player.

• Physical distancing and the use of a mask will be required while using the dressing
rooms. AMHA and the ACUCC facility will utilize one dressing room per team. Players
are required to maintain physical distancing and use a mask while in the dressing
room. Please follow physical distancing signage.

• Masks for coaches and team officials are always required. As per BC Hockey, coaches
must wear a mask while on the bench during games.

• Masks are required for both the score keepers.

• The Township of Langley prefers that players use fully enclosed face shields when on
the bench. If a player does not have a fully enclosed face shield, the Township strongly
recommends that the player wears a mask when social distancing is not possible.
Aldergrove Minor Hockey supports this recommendation however AMHA has chosen
not to make this mandatory and will ensure that all parents are aware of this practice.

• On-Ice warm up will consist of both teams on the ice for the 5-minute warm up. On-ice numbers will increase for a short period of time. The ice surface and benches are
considered part of the field of play as per viaSport and the PHO.

• Spectators will not be permitted due to the PHO restriction of 50 people per

• Teams will enter 15 minutes prior to game time and have 10 minutes to vacate the
facility post game. Strongly recommended that players arrive fully or partially dressed.
It is vital that teams vacate the facility within 10 minutes as to not hold up the next
group(s) coming in.

• It is expected that teams will enter together 15 minutes prior to the game and
proceed directly to their designated dressing room. There is a small window for late
arrivals however once the schedule ice time begins there will be no further
Game Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Doors open: 5:45pm
Doors closed: 6:00pm
Vacate no later than: 7:40pm

Game Officials
• On-ice game Officials are required to check in with the home team manager to have
attendance recorded.
• On-Ice officials are required to wear a mask while in the facility on-ice as when
required by BC Hockey.

AMHA Executive

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